Here at Amethyst Framing we take tremendous pride in the appearance and quality of our work, and this is what sets us apart from our competitors. Over the years we have consistently maintained the high standards we have set for ourselves, completing every job to perfection. This is clear to see in our work, some examples of which can be seen below.


Especially over the past 5 years, medal framing has become extremely popular, and we are proud to say that we can expertly arrange and frame them to give a stylish tribute to heroes from years gone by.





Whether it be a memory from a sporting day out, or a gift for a loved one, framing a T-shirt is the ideal way to display it in your home. With a seamless finish, we always frame our shirts so the process is reversible in years to come should you wish it to be re-framed or removed.


Cap Tallies

Over the years we have had a wide variety of requests for different items to be framed, but one of the smartest has to be this set of Cap Tallies. Preserved in amazing condition, this is a wonderful way to remember the achievements of a relative or friend who served in the Royal Navy, and a great example of the range of things that we can frame for our customers.




Badge collections

Picture Framing does not just apply to art work! With the highest level of intricacy and attention to detail, why not have a collection of Scouts badges and other accessories professionally displayed for all to see. This is a very popular gift idea that can be applied to all generations regardless of the content, as always finshed to our highest standards.